catching every sound


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success story

We started as a small Consulting firm in Central Florida in 1993. Since then, the business grew substantially and ventured into different industries. However, the Music business didn't seem to fit the technical consulting model and reincorporated into two businesses DNITECH and Expression Through Music.

Expression Through Music humble beginnings traces its roots to providing techincal know-how to clubss bars, and DJ's in the local Music Industry in the Orlando Market. Since then we shifted our focus in providing DJ services at the request of our clients and became an exclusive DJ service provider, but once again our clients demanded consulting services/advice and refocused our Business in providing both DJ services and Consulting Serivces.

Although it would seem that we would allow our competition to be on equal footing, we looked at it from the consumer's point of view... their entertainment. We believe that creating equal competition will only bring more customer to the area where everyone wins. We've been successful ever since.

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